Website Design

What's that?

The website is now the central digital business card for a business or project. It is the space where the company presents itself, shows itself and illustrates its services, and it can be so much more: an e-commerce, a blog, a portal.

A website today must be clear and clean, it must adapt to multiple devices and be visually striking. Finally, it must comprehensively present the business.


The studio takes care of designing together with the client, websites in step with the times, responsive and in line with the image of the activity. From the creation of showcase sites to e-commerce, from blogs to SEO optimization of pages. We start from the customer’s needs to find together the solution that can bring the best results.

Realization of responsive showcase sites, blogs, landing pages for the promotion of specific products or services.

Design and creation of E-Commerce sites, organization and upload of products, creation of product photos, on-page SEO positioning.

Designing the user experience within the company’s portal(s).

Optimization of pages and structure of the website with the aim of improving the positioning on search engines.

How we work

Our website creation work goes
from the identification of communication needs
the identification of reference, then the design and
the realization of the site.

1. Brief

Let's figure out what kind of site the business needs: what functionality should it have? What will its purpose be? How will it be structured? What budget do we have?

2. UX Design

We see together with the customer of the examples in order to identify the style towards which to address, we design graphically 2, 3 layouts, we confront with the customer and choose the one to implement.

3. Implementation

We then move on to the technical implementation of the site: We provide our hosting service, we create the pages, we optimize the site in every aspect, we optimize the pages for SEO.

4. Review and Testing

We then review the finished site with the client, apply any interventions and test it. Finally, we create small video-tutorials to assist the client in the use of the site.