Graphic Design

What's that?

Literally: We give visual form to your project. We outline the brand that is strong and impactful. We handle the design of your brand and the creation of all graphic content, both print and digital.


We take care of the brand image and visual communication of the company: from brand definition, logo creation to paper graphics: brochures, flyers, roll-ups, totems, business cards and every kind of creative solution we can imagine.

We also take care of graphic content for social networks, both static and animated.

Design and creation of corporate logos, creation of the user manual with all the aesthetic guidelines of the brand. Creation of graphic content coordinated and consistent with the brand.

Realization of graphic contents designed for the Press: from flyers to brochures, from packaging to printing on media, from business cards to large posters.

Creation of graphic, interactive and animated contents designed for the digital communication of the company. From posts for Social Networks to sponsored posts, from Facebook covers to graphic content for the proprietary website.

How we work

Our video delivery work ranges from defining the right formats, through production, to post-production and archiving on our cloud services.

1. Brief

Together with the customer we outline the brand, its characteristics, its strengths and tastes of the target audience. We begin to define what will be the aesthetic and communication guidelines.

2. Format

We then decide what graphic content, both print and digital, will be created. Each format has its own peculiarities and function to be aligned with the brand guidelines.

3. Design

We then create all required content, first identifying examples to align with expected tastes and aesthetics. We then deliver the created content in the defined formats.