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The animated video is a great way to engage while maintaining the attention of the audience, to present complex topics.

When we talk about “motion graphics” we are talking about video design consisting of combinations of text, images and animated icons to create effects, animate logos, tell stories, explain concepts.

Animated graphics have the enormous advantage of being able to make any storytelling visual: you can literally tell and represent anything.


The studio takes care of designing together with the client, any type of video or animated content for communication.

From the animated logo to the animated infographics, from the creation of animated elements such as titles, texts, icons to the realization of VFX

Videos made up with combinations of text, images, icons and animated graphic elements. Perfect for making a storytelling simple and immediate. We take care of all the design phases: briefing, scripting, storyboarding, creation of graphic elements, editing, animation and speaker selection.

Animated, impactful and engaging logos to integrate into your videos, your social posts, your website.

Infographics is the translation into graphic elements of a series of information in order to make them schematic and immediately intuitive. By animating an infographic you can explain the relationship between diagrams, graphs, present statistics, maps, histograms, signal systems, the only limit is the imagination.

Creation of visual effects and their integration in live action images. Creation of animated elements such as underbelly, callouts, type animation, slideshows.

Creation of animated corporate presentations using both Powerpoint software and video presentations.

How we work

Our work starts with the brief with the customer

1. Brief

we define the goal of the video, we ask, "what do we need to tell/explain?" "how?" "to whom?" "by when?"

We then go through the process of aligning the goal of the animated video to proceed with the creation of an outline, script and storyboard, to be reviewed with the client, and then move on to the creation of the actual video.

2. Ladder, Script

With the outline we identify the topics and the order in which they will be treated. With the script I prepare the screenplay for the video.

3. Storyboard

Creation of the graphic tables that present in chronological order the shots from which the video will be made.

4. Production

Voice over recording, creation of graphic elements, video-editing, 2D/3D animation, audio mixing, export. Sharing with the client, revision.


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